Vidanta Resorts

Now that we have been here for half a week, we are still enjoying our kick back vacation.  I have worked out enough that I am sore and needed a rest day today.  I stay busy working on my computer, laying in the sun, walking or working out…or painting.  I brought some interesting watercolor markers […]

Next trip – Puerto Vallarta

I decided that I didn’t need to be such an overachiever this trip – HAHA!  At least I don’t intend to blog every single day since mostly what I’m doing is relaxing and breathing.  It was time to listen to the sound of the waves, sleep in and unwind from the recent stresses of life. […]

Day 2 – House Sitting in Washington

Kudu was a great sleep buddy.  He loves to sleep under the covers with you!  He startled me yesterday when I sat on the couch with a little blanket and he jumped up and started digging to get under the blanket with me.  He is very warming and adorable.  The guest room seems warmer so […]

Day 3 Housesitting

Chickens are up early…they have simple needs but must be tended and checked each day.  I understand the phrase “Up with the Chickens” much more now. Between Kudu and the chickens…and Van starting the market at 6:30 am…there’s no sleeping in.  Kudu does a dance when he’s ready to eat and he’s used to getting […]

Day 1 – Let the sitting begin!

Today has been filled with learning all we could about chicken care, pug care and home care.  We are armed with knowledge and resources.  We enjoyed a breakfast of fresh eggs, scrambled with bacon and served with toast and coffee cake.  My grandparents raised chickens for their whole lives and it was always a treat […]

Foodies! Love the tours in Palm Desert!

Palm Desert is a relatively “new” town.  It looks to me that it’s the “new” Palm Springs.  This whole area seems to run together geographically.  The boundaries are not clear as a tourist, but the cities are all administered differently.  There is never charged parking in Palm Desert!  Tourists can appreciate that.  There’s a lot […]

Palm Springs Day 1

Palm Spring, California – You would think that by now I would have been her – but alas this is my first trip.  The beauty of the area is stunning!  The mountains have such interesting shapes and textures.  Painting them would be challenging and fun.  That would be something to return here to pursue for […]

Maui Closing Thoughts

As the trip winds down, we spent our final day visiting Ka’anapoli Beach for a short while before packing up and checking out of our room.  It was a relaxing and busy ten days for us.  Touring the entire island and participating in a variety of activities was fun and exciting.  It will be a […]