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Day 1 – Let the sitting begin!

Today has been filled with learning all we could about chicken care, pug care and home care.  We are armed with knowledge and resources.  We enjoyed a breakfast of fresh eggs, scrambled with bacon and served with toast and coffee cake.  My grandparents raised chickens for their whole lives and it was always a treat to have fresh eggs!  The best part of the pet sitting is that we get to enjoy those eggs everyday for a week!  It does involve a little work…we have to keep the chicken coop cleaned out, we have to harvest some dandelions everyday to supplement their diet, and we have to gather the eggs.  There are six chickens and they generally lay one egg each per day.  That’s a lot of eggs for two people!

The Pug is absolutely adorable.  He’s 11 years old and does not consider himself a dog at all.  His name is Kudu and he’s very well behaved.  He’s loyal to the last person to touch him they say!  He’s pretty low maintenance and has plenty of space to roam.

We had some great cheese quesadillas with peppers frozen from the garden.  They were the best!  Maybe it’s just the clean air and forest around us.  It’s chilly today with very little sun.  I hear it’s going to rain tomorrow.  The home owners left just after lunch.  They are spending the evening in the Seattle airport and take an early flight to their destination tomorrow.

This afternoon, I occupied the dog with my digging up dandelions to feed to the chickens.  I put on the mucky shoes and went out to the coop and fed them the greens.  They seemed to enjoy them.  One hen was in the coop laying an egg…so we will have to grab that one a bit later.  Kudu is napping now…or watching for his people to come home.  I’m guessing while they leave him frequently, he still prefers them to be home.  He was sitting on the deck just staring at the driveway for a long time.

This afternoon, we decided to tackle the trail that leads down to the creek.  The home owners have put a series of steps down the trail which made it relatively manageable.  It was lightly raining but we went anyway to get outside for a little while.  The creek was lovely and we will make it a daily visit I’m sure.  Will be a lovely spot to sit and paint, read or write I think when the weather improves.  We took another path down until it got a little muddy..Kudu bailed on us for that treck but was waiting up at the house for us instead of following.  It was great to get moving and warm up!

We had more fresh clams for dinner….so I was looking forward to cooking them for dinner.  A short trip to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients was in order. We decided to make some clam chowder with the remaining clams.  It turned out to be the best chowder ever!  We made some garlic bread to serve on the side and warmed up with the delicious chowder!  There were clams in every bite…yum!  It just doesn’t get better than that!

Here’s to house sitting…a perfect, quiet place to recover from the fast pace of our life at home.  At least for today….

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