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Day 3 Housesitting

Chickens are up early…they have simple needs but must be tended and checked each day.  I understand the phrase “Up with the Chickens” much more now.

Between Kudu and the chickens…and Van starting the market at 6:30 am…there’s no sleeping in.  Kudu does a dance when he’s ready to eat and he’s used to getting up at 5:30 am or so.  He hops on and off the bed and turns circles until you finally give in.  He won’t go out to Van so up I get with the chickens at the crack of dawn – which is also about 5:30 am I might add.  I let Kudu out then feed him.  Generally he will settle back down and sleep some more – but that seems to be after an hour of attention and moving around for him.

There’s a nice slow pace that ensues here in the routine of life.  Coffee is ready and a cup is enjoyed – or maybe two before I go out to the chicken coop.  I have to open the door to the coop and clean it out in the morning.  I give them a little chicken scratch only they don’t really seem to be eating it much.  Water and food are resupplied as needed.  I talk to them and thank them for the eggs that they are laying today and make sure they all seem well.

At the opposite end of the property is the newspaper so I grab that in the morning if Van hasn’t already.  Then I settle into my emails and work, and any writing I decide to do about the previous day.

Day 3 was occupied with work and emails, and a final group phone call on the apartment construction as it’s wrapping up in the next couple of weeks.  Now it’s just leasing which the bank can see in a report.  I broke out the paints and followed a video of an abstract tulip painting.  The internet decided it didn’t like me so it’s still sitting on the board and I will see if I can watch the end and complete it today.

After a quick lunch, egg gathering, and the market closing, Van and I went on a long hike in the National Forest.  We ended up hiking for about 3 hours and returned refreshed and exhausted.  The weather that started out sunny turned to thunderstorms and rain by the time we returned.  I dug up some dandelions and fed them to the chickens…they LOVE them!  Then I closed up the coop for the night and enjoyed some wine.  We got into the hot tub afterwards to hopefully prevent some of the lactic acid buildup from the hike.  It was lovely to sit out in the light rain in the hot tub.

Dinner was a chicken pizza that was quite tasty.  I brought 4 dinners to prepare from a mail order company and have been quite impressed so far.  It’s great travel fare since everything except salt and pepper is included for you.  Makes it easy fixings for travel meals.  If no other time that I order them, it will be for road trips when we are driving…or have them shipped ahead to the timeshare would also work.  More ways to travel and explore creating meals.

After dinner I was pretty wiped out so I read until I was falling asleep and turned in early.  I fear that’s a natural outcome of the 5:30 am wakeup calls everyday.  Another day in paradise – right?

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