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El Valle de Antón

Yesterday we arrived at the Hotel Restaurante Valle Verde in an area which was formed from a crater of a volcano.  It’s a lush green cloud forest environment here where the temperatures hover between 60 and 70 degrees on average.   It’s much cooler than the Pacific beach where we just came from, but I know that many of you travelers would love this temperature.  The skies are very blue and the air is clean.  There’s a large Mercado that this valley is know for where you can but local produce and local crafts.  We arrived near closing time so we will return there later for sure!

We drove around for a bit to familiarize ourselves with the area.  There were lots of suggested hikes, most of them suggesting a local guide.  The tourist information person who was supposed to be so helpful, was not helpful at all.  He did give us a local map from which we could figure out most of what we wanted to do – but no local guide was available who spoke English.  And he could not book anything for the next day – that was just asking too much.  So we just drove around and came up with a plan.  We looked for a place for dinner that we found online – Couldn’t find either of two places.  The street signs and or online information was not correct…either way – we ended up at one of the few places that was open after dark.  We tried the Chinese food place next to a Chinese grocery store.  It was adequate but I’ve had much better elsewhere.  We did find good ice cream bars for dessert though in the grocery store.  Ice cream of any sort was few and far between in Panama thus far for us.

After dinner and dessert, we headed back to the hotel where we had a quiet night of reading before bedtime.  The hotel room was upstairs and lights shone into the room all night.  The bed was firm and the bathroom interestingly shaped.  The tub was big and round with no shower curtain…but a nice shower head.  It was unusual to not use a shower curtain for sure…but nothing wrong with the size of it.  It didn’t make too much of a mess.

The hotel property was quiet and the grounds quite lovely.  Van read late and I slept early.  We had a little trouble with the air conditioning as the degrees were Celsius so we weren’t sure how cold to set it.  Eventually the mystery was solved and we slept.  Always something new to learn where ever you go!



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