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House and Pet Sitting – A New Way to Travel????

Sometimes I read about things that I decide that I must try.  To have a variety of experiences and to travel to new places is one of my dreams.  Pet sitting offers an opportunity to do just that.  There are several sites to explore should you decide that you have some time and availability to travel this way.

I read an article about a young lady that traveled around the world housesitting.  She worked online and earned her living doing that, so she found longer term jobs, traveled there, and setup her shop in the local coffee shop or watercooler space.  I was fascinated.  There is just no better more affordable way to immerse yourself into a different culture…or explore an area like a local than this.  House sitting and pet sitting offer different experiences, so pick one that suits you.

Occasionally I miss the care of the animals and the land that I had years ago.  For me personally, I select the house sit based on location as well as experience.  The more varied, the more excited I become.  This first job is feeding and caring for a half dozen laying hens and a pug.  The home is on a couple of acres with a stream bordering one side.  It is just a short distance to the National Forest where we can enjoy some hiking.  It’s a short term job – only a week.  It was driving distance for us so we took the plunge.  So far…I’m in love with it!

Our first job has taken us to Port Angeles, WA.  It’s a beautiful little community where we caught the ferry to Victoria, BC last summer.  We met our homeowners for the first time last evening when we arrived.  What a great experience!  We were hosted with a fresh clam dinner – their neighbors had gifted them with some fresh clams caught by their son-in-law.  There’s nothing better than something fresh caught. We steamed them in garlic and butter and served them over pasta!  A side spinach salad with cranberries and feta cheese with some fresh sliced bread rounded out the meal.  We visited and learned a little about each other and finally turned in and fell fast asleep in the guest room for the evening!

The drive to Port Angeles was long, so we met Kudu, their pug when we arrived.  No chicken duty for the first night.  Our home owners were leaving the next day so the pace was slow and relaxed and we were treated like old friends. While one never knows how it will go, the first night was remarkable and comfortable.  Mi casa es su casa really applies!  I’m looking forward to more jobs like this and more experiences in more places.  While I feel pretty certain that not every experience will be perfect…this one is definitely one worth repeating!  Why not???  Life is full of adventures…and this one is good so far!


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