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Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho

Sometimes it’s fun to just take a weekend trip within your own state.  For Van and I it was a one year celebration of the first out of town adventure we took together.  We both loved skiing when we were younger and had not skied for some years.  Last year we found our ski legs and this year we have managed to get some enjoyment out of the snow we have had in the NW.  So last weekend, it was a trip to Sun Valley and Ketchum.  The snow was soft – a few new inches on top of some hard packed snow underneath.  They didn’t have the cold temperatures that we had here at home for the last couple of weeks…so it packed well at the base.  The weather started off nice on Saturday morning, but the light got pretty flat by the afternoon with some intermittent fog.  I struggled with the inability to see clearly but all in all it was a great day of skiing.  The Sun Valley Resort is a beautiful mountain, complete with lots of Quads that move a lot of people quickly.  We had no lift line all day.  That’s sometimes a double edged sword…When you ski without stopping except for a short lift ride – your legs get tired faster!  Or maybe that is just with age that happens.  Either way – We skied for about four hours and my legs were toast as they say!

We had some great food in Ketchum.  The night we arrived we went to dinner at the Pioneer Saloon.  The Pioneer is a long-time favorite of mine…and it did not disappoint.  They have some of the best prime rib I have ever had – and they always sell out of ribs.  The food is really good!  The ambiance is even better.  Be prepared to hang out and take in the history of the place as there is often a wait.  We found a seat in the bar area while waiting where we enjoyed chips and salsa and adult beverages.

Our chosen accommodations for the weekend was a little one bedroom/studio in Elkhorn.  I have stayed there a couple of times over the years and it has not changed a lot over time.  It’s a short bus ride away from Ketchum if you don’t want to drive and fight for a parking spot in town.  The buss runs about every half hour during the busy times and seemed to be punctual.  The bus system is free to use and connects the Elkhorn area to Sun Valley as well as Ketchum all the way to the Warm Springs side of town.  It’s a great option for travelers to get around – and a great way to get dropped off at the bottom of the ski hill.

The next morning, we woke to sunshine in the valley.  We enjoyed a nice quick breakfast at one of my all time favorites, Java on Fourth.   The food is great, quickly prepared and homemade with some great coffee drinks too.  We were on our way.  After skiing, we went to Perry’s and enjoyed lunch and our favorite beverages (beer and coffee).  The food was excellent and the atmosphere lovely for apres-ski.

Sunday morning was foggy and lightly snowing again, so we opted to have some breakfast and do a wee bit of shopping before heading home.   We had breakfast at The Kneadery.  The Kneadery has been in Sun Valley since 1974 and is a legend of its own.  From the well worn wooden tables and chairs  to the hard wood floor, the ambiance is Ketchum at its finest.  The cinammon French toast was to die for!  It’s a great stop for breakfast and lunch so don’t miss it!

We managed to do a little ski shopping at Sturdevant’s before we decided the weather was not improving and we should head home.  I bought new goggles that will help with the ability to see in low light conditions in the future – and offer great UV protection for the sunlight as well.  The snow blindness has been really irritating this year for me so these new goggles should help!  Yeah Smith!  We headed home as the weather seemed to be getting worse…and found that for the first half it wasn’t so bad…but then the wind came up and about blew us off the road.  The visibility was very poor until we dropped back into Mountain Home and the freeway back to Boise.  That’s twice now we have had to drive in blizzard like conditions!  We think we might head south for winter next year!


All in all we had a fabulous weekend together!  It was nice to get some skiing in and enjoyed our time in Ketchum!  If you haven’t been skiing at Sun Valley – make it your next trip.  You won’t regret it for a moment…still my most favorite place to ski so far!


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