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Maui – Blowhole Hike and more!

Day 1 in Maui

The Northern Coastline of Maui is a drive worth taking.  From whale watching to snorkeling, an adventure awaits at every turn.  Take time to smell the roses as you drive along this scenic route.

Coffee and breakfast started the day with what is said to be a regular occurrence – a whale sighting from the lanai!  Wow!  I have spent lots of money on whale watching adventures to never see one…and one breaches just out from the timeshare.  There’s no way this could be a bad day when it starts like that.  I’m still pinching myself that I have arrived in Hawaii…but now I’m starting to believe it!

This morning continued with our first adventure and what was a lovely drive to see Honolua Bay.  Of course, despite the directions we still had trouble deciding which parking lot was the one to use and so we drove right on by.  The GPS location was at the top of a cliff that overlooked Honolua Bay.  Since the scenery was on the driver’s side we decided to go the farthest point out and work our way back.

The goal for the morning was to see the Nakalele Blowhole.  Sitting up on the Northern coast of Maui, this place is magical.  Drive 8 miles north of Kapalua to mile marker 38.5 and park in the area on the left side of the road.  There are some trails that lead to some great views and you can be as adventuresome as you are able.  Be sure to heed the warning signs and stay safely away from the wet rocks around the blowhole.

It’s amazing what Mother Nature creates in her struggles for survival and balance.  A cave in the rocks below fill with water and the pressure of the waves on a rough and windy day cause the water to erupt out of the cave through a tire size hole in the flat rock above.  It shoots straight up much like a geyser only much more frequently and predictably.  You can feel the mist as the wind gently blows it from the spout.  It is a beautiful site.  The weather was a perfect blowhole day – the seas were rough, the weather had been stormy and the waves were large enough to create some great spouts of water.  I would guess the water went about 130 feet in the air as we watched.

Getting close to the blowhole was more like rock climbing at the end than hiking so wear good shoes if you plan to get closer than the walking trails.  The rewards are great for doing so…including the heart shaped rock that you can only see when you get down closer to the blowhole.  Spending time there is like being alone in nature.  Many people walk and look and leave…few linger.  We enjoyed the blowhole from several vantage points as you can see.  It was a fascinating experience.

Driving back to the south and west from the blowhole took us along some coastline with beautiful views.  We stopped at the Honolua Bay overlook where there was a professional surfing competition being held.  We got to see a lot of surfers both professional and recreational catching some decent waves.  While the bigger sized waves made snorkeling impossible for the day, the surfers had some fun!  Here’s a few shots that my camera captured while we watched.


Lunch was a stop at a small roadside stand called Honolua Farms.  John Carty is the owner and he together with the owner of the farm saved the area from development a few years ago and made it a park.  He has a very tasty roadside stand where we stopped for lunch.  We had a smoothie that was delicious and his recommended beef hamburger with a side of dill pickles.  (No fryers here!) . Lunch was at a picnic table by a lovely stream that fed back into Honolua Bay which was a short hike just across the road from this place!  Don’t miss it if you like supporting the locals!  He aims to please.

Honolua Bay was a little too rough for snorkeling today so we headed to D.T. Fleming Beach – just a short drive farther down the road.  The Ritz Carlton overlooks this beach where we ran into Joe Piscione, my financial planner, and his lovely wife as we were walking back towards the car!  Such a small world this is sometimes!  We had no idea that we were both traveling at the same time so you can imagine the double take when we saw each other.  They were having a great time getting away from their kids for just a few days.  They have been watching whales everyday from this beach.

Having had enough sun, we headed back to our timeshare for some relaxation and catch up time on work and phone calls which don’t stop when you are on vacation.  We later went out and grabbed some pasta, fresh fish and shrimp and cooked in after watching the sunset from our lanai.

Dinner was delicious and we soon relaxed and slept as we were still adjusting to the time zone changes!  What a beautiful first day in Maui!  It just might become my favorite island.

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