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Maui – Day 3

Napili Bay and more!

Maui can be experience in big chunks or little ones depending on how much time you have for your vacation.  While we were away much of the day, the pace was slow and relaxing.  From our location in Kahuna, we headed to the north just a couple of miles and found a little breakfast and lunch restaurant behind a hotel that had a line all day!  It was called the Gazebo and is one the backside of the Napili Shores Resort.  Park on the street next to it or in the parking reserved for the restaurant at the resort.  The restaurant had a line all day from the time we arrived until just before it’s closing time of 2 pm.  The macadamia nut pancakes are one of the most popular dishes.

The beach is just down a path on the ocean side of the restaurant.  We followed the path down to the beach just a few yards away.  Since it was close to noon when we arrived and a Saturday, the beach was crowded with families, snorkelers, and couples grabbing some sun.  There seemed to be a fair amount of shade created by the trees and banks so there were a lot of folks crowded in.  Many who were here were snorkeling.  Without gear, we just enjoyed the sun, read books and watched the paddle boarders in the bay.  The water was pretty calm so snorkeling was good.  There were corral reefs and turtles to be seen in the area.  After an hour of sun, and just before 2 pm when the restaurant was closing, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at The Gazebo.  We ordered one special Fried Rice Breakfast and shared.  Leftovers were taken home to use a side dish for later.

Lovely beach on Maui Coast…great place to see turtles!

After lunch we headed to the town of Lahaina to browse around and learn a little about the history of the area.  First there was the Bunyan Tree Park…just one tree with many roots.  It occupies an entire city block – nearly an acre and all stems from one tree planted many years ago.  It amazes one to think of how long it has been growing in that same location and just expanding despite all else going on in the world around

A visit to the old courthouse is worth the time.  There is a nice little art co-op inside where you can purchase the works of many local artists.  The museum upstairs has a wide variety of historical photos and items on display.  The story of the original post office is an interesting read and you can see the original flag preserved in the hall upstairs from just prior to the US taking control of Hawaii.  While it leaves a lot of unanswered questions about what actually happened you pick up a lot of interesting stories from the museum.  Don’t miss the jail downstairs – you have to enter from the outside of the building.  There’s art in there for sale as well, but it’s still got the jail cells where the drunk and disorderly were held when necessary, mostly during the whaling era.

The shops along the street have mostly ben restored.  There are several art galleries, clothing stores, and tourist booking places along the street – along with a wide array of restaurants and choices.  From the Fish Market Restaurant to the Shaved Ice places, there is something for everyone in the family.  Don’t miss trying the Shaved Ice that Hawaii is known for!


At the end of the day, a quiet evening was in order for us.  We watched the sunset and relaxed on the lanai, had snacks for dinner and read a lot!  An important thing to remember is to go at your own pace while traveling.  At any age, there are limits to how much you can absorb in a day before you are just plain tired.  Be flexible enough to know when to rest up for the next adventure.

And with that, the end of another beautiful day in Maui.



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