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Montmartre and Sacre Couer

Most known for the Sacré Couer with its history dating from the late 1800’s and its glorious view of all of Paris, Montmartre boasts of many artists, bars and restaurants and draws thousands of tourists each year.  Take a walk throughout this safe area and explore the small local shops.  There are specialty stores for […]

National Harbor, MD

We arrived yesterday after our relatively uneventful flight – always something to be thankful for these days!  We had an early morning call and arrived in DC around 1:30 pm EST.  It took time to get the rental car picked up, then to get to the timeshare.  We checked in, parked the car, and headed […]

Newport Beach, OR Sunset

Travel and Flexibility

The Oregon Coast – rocky…cold…windy…and gorgeous.  Van and I traveled to the Oregon Coast after a really busy, stressful week producing the first of this season’s Meridian Youth Farmers Market.  Friday night was exhausting from the Dairy Days parade and trying to keep up with fast pace of the moving vehicles.  I eventually gave up […]

City Go Card – Yes or No?

Our trip to San Diego was fast and furious.  We didn’t quite get everything in that we thought we would but we crammed in as much as we could.  We were pretty tired by the end of each day so I guess that was quite enough.  I’m trying to figure out if the Go Card […]

Best Adventure Tour EVER…

Vallarta Adventures…I read about it on the internet.  I didn’t really believe the reviews.  Outdoor Adventure was supposed to be the best tour ever – I read several reviews all agreeing how great it was.  Since there was a zip line involved…I thought why not? I’m not dead yet. Our trip started at 10am…well more like […]

Vidanta Resorts

Now that we have been here for half a week, we are still enjoying our kick back vacation.  I have worked out enough that I am sore and needed a rest day today.  I stay busy working on my computer, laying in the sun, walking or working out…or painting.  I brought some interesting watercolor markers […]

Next trip – Puerto Vallarta

I decided that I didn’t need to be such an overachiever this trip – HAHA!  At least I don’t intend to blog every single day since mostly what I’m doing is relaxing and breathing.  It was time to listen to the sound of the waves, sleep in and unwind from the recent stresses of life. […]

Day 2 – House Sitting in Washington

Kudu was a great sleep buddy.  He loves to sleep under the covers with you!  He startled me yesterday when I sat on the couch with a little blanket and he jumped up and started digging to get under the blanket with me.  He is very warming and adorable.  The guest room seems warmer so […]

Day 3 Housesitting

Chickens are up early…they have simple needs but must be tended and checked each day.  I understand the phrase “Up with the Chickens” much more now. Between Kudu and the chickens…and Van starting the market at 6:30 am…there’s no sleeping in.  Kudu does a dance when he’s ready to eat and he’s used to getting […]