Over 50 Traveling (formerly Traveling from Boise)

Don't wait another day!

Day 1 – Let the sitting begin!

Today has been filled with learning all we could about chicken care, pug care and home care.  We are armed with knowledge and resources.  We enjoyed a breakfast of fresh eggs, scrambled with bacon and served with toast and coffee cake.  My grandparents raised chickens for their whole lives and it was always a treat […]

Foodies! Love the tours in Palm Desert!

Palm Desert is a relatively “new” town.  It looks to me that it’s the “new” Palm Springs.  This whole area seems to run together geographically.  The boundaries are not clear as a tourist, but the cities are all administered differently.  There is never charged parking in Palm Desert!  Tourists can appreciate that.  There’s a lot […]

Aerial Tram

No trip to Palm Springs would be considered complete without a trip up the Aerial Tram.  From the top of the world you can see for miles around and on a clear day see three states from the top!  It’s pretty incredible and an experience you should not miss.  There are many ways to approach […]

Temecula, CA – Ever heard of it?

Ever heard of Temecula?  Been there?  Do you know about this hidden gem in southern California? Just a short distance from Palm Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County is theTemecula Valley Wine Country. With more than 30 wineries currently, this wine country offers boutique and full service wine resorts that are friendly, relaxed […]

Zoo Day

A living desert…what does that mean?  What is this place all about? Our day started with a trip to the Living Desert Zoo where there were a variety of habitat created for many different animals.  We explored Africa, North America, and various other parts of the world.  Most of the animals were adaptable to the […]

Palm Springs Day 1

Palm Spring, California – You would think that by now I would have been her – but alas this is my first trip.  The beauty of the area is stunning!  The mountains have such interesting shapes and textures.  Painting them would be challenging and fun.  That would be something to return here to pursue for […]

Maui Closing Thoughts

As the trip winds down, we spent our final day visiting Ka’anapoli Beach for a short while before packing up and checking out of our room.  It was a relaxing and busy ten days for us.  Touring the entire island and participating in a variety of activities was fun and exciting.  It will be a […]

Spa Days are the best!

The last fews days of any vacation are always bittersweet to me.  No matter the length of travel, home seems like a return to the work and stress of daily life and rarely is it more appealing than a tropical vacation filled with activities. The last two days of vacation were opportunities to do a […]

Off the Beaten Path Maui

If you are looking for something different than the normal tourist path, consider a breakfast or lunch at O’o Farms.  There is a huge potential for the right group experience and the farm folks are educating more people everyday to sustainable gardening and GMO, organic produce.  They raise crops to support all of their restaurants […]