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Still Traveling….

The journey has begun…but we are still traveling today.  We got a quick tour of Panama City while transferring from the International Airport to the Panamanian airport.  They like to build tall buildings here.  They have one main section that they call Panama City…but the high rises spread out throughout the area.  Many of them […]

Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho

Sometimes it’s fun to just take a weekend trip within your own state.  For Van and I it was a one year celebration of the first out of town adventure we took together.  We both loved skiing when we were younger and had not skied for some years.  Last year we found our ski legs […]


Wow – Christmas was an amazing time for me!  It was filled with wonderful family memories.  We traveled to Bear Lake, Utah and stayed in our Worldmark Timeshare for a week.  It was a modest place but warm and comfortable.  The pool and hot tub were great – except the pool was a little too […]

The next trip????

Planning for the holidays?  What are you doing to get ready?  I have made the reservations and now have to work out the logistics….what do I bring with me…what do I buy once I arrive?  How close are the grocery stores and are they even open in the Bear Lake area during Christmas week?  How […]

Mexico Trip November 2016

Baja, Mexico – So near and yet so far away. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo offer sun and relaxation that’s only a short flight from the US.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Pristine resorts with endless beaches cover the coastline between the old city and the new one.  Restaurants and […]