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Palm Springs Day 1

Palm Spring, California – You would think that by now I would have been her – but alas this is my first trip.  The beauty of the area is stunning!  The mountains have such interesting shapes and textures.  Painting them would be challenging and fun.  That would be something to return here to pursue for sure!

After a long drive from Las Vegas, where all four of us arrived yesterday, todat was a bit of recovery day for me.  We lazed around and went to breakfast at the resort today.  It was delicious.  We all shared meals which was the perfect portion for each of us.  The breakfast burrito was a little spicy and delicious.  It came with breakfast potatoes cooked with sauteed onions and peppers.  A green juice made with coconut milk for hydration rounded out my meal.

After breakfast was planning time for the week.  We used a sticky note system so that as we added, scheduled, or eliminated things we could move them around for the week.  It’s amazing what 4 women can come up with to occupy the time!

The trip is a reconnect time for the four of us.  My daughter, my sister and my best friend – all together for a week of making memories.  We have such a great time together.  We are staying at the Westin Desert Willow Residences in Palm Springs.  The quiet pool (adults only) is right outside of our building.  It truly is quiet and uncrowded.  After our planning session we opted for an hour or so of sun before we headed out.  The pool was cool, the hot tub warm, and the sun perfect.  It was the heat of the day so we all became a little sunkissed in the hour.

Our adventure began as a Groupon special that we found in our searches online for activities in the area.  It was a scavenger hunt put together by BigCityHunt.com.  We had a pretty good time and learned a little about the town.  We walked around doing silly tasks, answering trivia questions, and having experiences in the process.  It was designed to connect us to the new area where we were traveling.  It fell a little short in that several of the places were closed by the time we got there and found them.  We missed a couple of the museums for example that had already closed for the day.  But the adventures were many and we scored a lot of points!  We always thought we deserved more than we received!  We thought we were more clever with our photos than the bonus points awarded.  About half through our tour the wind came up VERY strongly and caused us to get a bit cold and very dusty and windblown.  The little energy we had mustered vanished quickly in the adverse conditions.  We finally finished and called it a day.  There were a couple of questions that frustrated us in that there were multiple right answers.  We lost points as a result or we would have been winners!  Oh wait – we were our own winners.  We made memories to last a lifetime with our silly pictures and antics!  We had to do the wave in a bar with two strangers for example!  We had a stranger take a picture of us playing leap frog!  We had some great drinks and appetizers at a bar, bought some chocolate for later from the Palm Spring Fudge Shop, and spent some time enjoying the memorabilia at the Hard Rock Hotel!.  All in all it was an entertaining few hours walking around the old part of the city.

We grabbed some dinner at Woody’s on the way home, a great burger and steak house.  We were served by the son of the family owned business and were entertained and well fed when we left.  We stopped for some red wine to pair with our chocolate purchases…had a little wine and chocolate before calling it a day.

Palm Springs might steal my heart with its beauty and artistic flavor…you never know!


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