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Southern Pacific Coast of Panama

It’s so hard to wrap our heads around the direction that Panama lies and which way is North.  When you are looking out at the Pacific Ocean you are looking South…and Westerly…mostly.  Look at it on a map and you will understand why it’s difficult to wrap one’s head around it after knowing for our lifetime that the Pacific Ocean is West.  We are just heading out to watch the sunset on a beautiful beach in Panama.  We are staying overnight at a beach front hotel…Ninety degrees but still very windy.  Having traveled the short distance from the mountains, the climate is completely different.

Las Olas Resort is a very quiet ocean front resort about an hour from David on an older road which is best traveled slower.  You pass many fields and commercial farming operations…at least as commercial as it gets here.  We assume that the small community we drove through primarily houses people who work in the local fields and pastures.  We saw a fair number or cows and horses in pastures.  The land is flat and not as green as the areas towards the mountains.  From the beach here you can see the mountains and peninsula that separates Panama and Costa Rica in the distance.

We had a relaxing afternoon in the sun and reading first at the beach and then by the pool.  There is a bar outside to service the needs of the clientele but no table service.  There is one restaurant open outside for breakfast and lunch and both inside and outside for dinner.  There are not a lot of tother things close by but we didn’t explore or ask much either.  There are some developments both up and down the beach and appear to serve more locals than tourists.  The service people speak Spanish and only very little English.  My Spanish is pretty poor so sometimes I can’t say what I intend and give up.  Sometimes wording it differently helps them to understand and sometimes not at all.



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