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The journey has begun…but we are still traveling today.  We got a quick tour of Panama City while transferring from the International Airport to the Panamanian airport.  They like to build tall buildings here.  They have one main section that they call Panama City…but the high rises spread out throughout the area.  Many of them look abandoned.  I’m not sure if they are – if the workers just had not started for the day – or if they in fact were started and stopped.  Van tells me that there is a lot of money that gets invested in these projects without any demand for them.  So the occupancy rate is something like 60%.  I wonder if this means you could buy a condo for not too much cash?

There were tons of these older buildings with laundry hanging to dry on the patios – or off the side of the buildings.  Van says these are buildings slated to be torn down and replaced.  But the city ignores them for 10 years and the poor people can live in them for 10 years during the condemnation period.  They can live there rent and utilities free.  While I need to research and ask more questions, I’m really curious how this got started…and why with so much money to invest, they don’t better invest in their people.  It seems that there is a lot of this type of housing that we passed.  I’m just so curious to learn more.

Today we are just passing though the city.  We are heading to Bocas del Torro this afternoon.  I planned the trip to be able to rest at the beach and kick back in an area where there wasn’t much to do but chill and relax.  We took the redeye here and I let the travel agent talk me into not trying to catch the AM flight.  Bad idea.  We had a ton of time to catch that flight despite the traffic getting here.  So we are just hanging out until our flight.  (We did try to get on the early flight but it was sold out.) . We are enjoying watching the people at the airport.  Things move slowly.  I’m waiting for a lull to go get our boarding passes that hasn’t happened yet.  Check it out…

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