Maui – Here we come!

The promise of sun and oceans is just impossible to resist.  Especially during a cold snowy winter, I have seen a lot of folks from our area traveling to Maui.  It’s the only island that I haven’t experienced and thought it was long overdue. We traveled from Boise through Seattle – made a quick connection […]

Traversing the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal A journey of a lifetime can sometimes be summed up in a short boat ride.  So is the case of our journey through the Panama Canal.   When one first hears about a canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic, one can only marvel hat such a feat was achieved […]

Southern Pacific Coast of Panama

It’s so hard to wrap our heads around the direction that Panama lies and which way is North.  When you are looking out at the Pacific Ocean you are looking South…and Westerly…mostly.  Look at it on a map and you will understand why it’s difficult to wrap one’s head around it after knowing for our […]