SandSations in Long Beach, Washington

Have you ever built a sand castle?  Can you imagine yourself building one as you hang out at the ocean basking in the sound of the waves and feeling the ocean breeze blowing in your face?  What kind of sand castle would you build?  What else might you create out of sand? Well, SandSations in […]

Traveling to Louisiana

Wow – It seems that while I have written a lot of material in files, I have been a little lax in staying in touch with all of you!  This week I am in Youngsville, Louisiana!  The weather is a little crazy – hot and sunny in the morning with afternoon and evening thunderstorms complete […]

Kuna Indians and their Community

Playon Chico Community- near Yandup Island In the afternoon, we were allowed to take a boat excursion to the nearby Community.  They were in the middle of a week long celebration.  We were warned that at some point we would be arrested and be prepared to pay $1 per person to get ourselves out of […]

Traveling through Panama

There is beauty in everything when you look around.  Changing locations in Panama is sometimes no easy feat but worth the journey I think.  Driving however does eat into your vacation days and seems to present unexpected challenges.  I am not sure there’s a good solution to it all, but it’s something that I will […]