SE Asia – Hello Vietnam!

17 hours of flying time…a day ahead…14 hours of time change…we have arrived. The next adventure lies ahead in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam after many hours of flying, flight delays and the normal gamut of travel trials and tribulations.  Asiana Airlines was very accommodating for the late departure, providing free beverages and snacks in […]

Newport Beach, OR Sunset

Travel and Flexibility

The Oregon Coast – rocky…cold…windy…and gorgeous.  Van and I traveled to the Oregon Coast after a really busy, stressful week producing the first of this season’s Meridian Youth Farmers Market.  Friday night was exhausting from the Dairy Days parade and trying to keep up with fast pace of the moving vehicles.  I eventually gave up […]

Lessons Learned

Today we checked out early from Boquete.  After a second night of wind, rain and power outages, we decided to ask for a refund and leave a day early.  There were many things that were not ok about this place and many frustrations.  She asked us to pay in cash at the beginning of our […]