More Fun at Home!

Everywhere you look in your city there are fun little events – even on a Monday night and the Treasure Valley is no exception. Check Facebook, or your local news sites for information on what’s going on in your area and make any night a special event. Celebrate Life anyday of the week. Celebrate with […]

Sound Bites from Home

Classical music…flying fingers up and down the piano keyboard…great composers…the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra… It’s always a special time when extraordinary events happen in your hometown between bucket list adventures. It is easy to forget that some of the best memories and experiences are available in your own back yard. The Boise Philharmonic produces many genres […]

Traveling to Louisiana

Wow – It seems that while I have written a lot of material in files, I have been a little lax in staying in touch with all of you!  This week I am in Youngsville, Louisiana!  The weather is a little crazy – hot and sunny in the morning with afternoon and evening thunderstorms complete […]