El Valle de Antón

Yesterday we arrived at the Hotel Restaurante Valle Verde in an area which was formed from a crater of a volcano.  It’s a lush green cloud forest environment here where the temperatures hover between 60 and 70 degrees on average.   It’s much cooler than the Pacific beach where we just came from, but I […]

Traversing the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal A journey of a lifetime can sometimes be summed up in a short boat ride.  So is the case of our journey through the Panama Canal.   When one first hears about a canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic, one can only marvel hat such a feat was achieved […]

Kuna Indians and their Community

Playon Chico Community- near Yandup Island In the afternoon, we were allowed to take a boat excursion to the nearby Community.  They were in the middle of a week long celebration.  We were warned that at some point we would be arrested and be prepared to pay $1 per person to get ourselves out of […]

Yandup Island  Morning Adventure

  We were up well before dawn today to leave Panama City for the San Blas Islands.  We flew on a small plane into Playon Chico…on the Caribbean side of Panama.  The airport is one room and one short airstrip.  It takes off over the water just before the small community that is just over […]

Traveling through Panama

There is beauty in everything when you look around.  Changing locations in Panama is sometimes no easy feat but worth the journey I think.  Driving however does eat into your vacation days and seems to present unexpected challenges.  I am not sure there’s a good solution to it all, but it’s something that I will […]

The Beauty of Santa Catalina…a hidden gem!

Santa Catalina…Panama What a great town!  There’s not a lot going on in this beach community other than surfing and diving.  If you don’t do either of those, you can snorkel or walk around town…or do what we did today and kick back and relax.  After all, that is why you go on vacation, right?  […]

Boquete, Panama

Wind and rain…wind and more rain…and more wind…and more rain.  That’s been today in Boquete.  It didn’t totally stop us but it was definitely ill advised to go hiking or ziplining today.  The weather just did not cooperate. We did manage to take a Coffee Tour.  We went with Hello Panama Tours since we had […]

Bocas del Toro

Laid back and relaxing…Quaint…Fascinating…Cool!  All words that I can use to describe this little bit of paradise where we finally arrived.  The aerial beauty of the journey did not escape me either.  There were lots of billowing clouds but lots of peek-a-boo views as well as we took the short flight from Panama City to […]