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The Oregon Coast – rocky…cold…windy…and gorgeous.  Van and I traveled to the Oregon Coast after a really busy, stressful week producing the first of this season’s Meridian Youth Farmers Market.  Friday night was exhausting from the Dairy Days parade and trying to keep up with fast pace of the moving vehicles.  I eventually gave up and just handed out the flyers in my hand and walked along talking to people.

Saturday morning we were up early and working on my feet most of the morning.  By the time we packed up and got home it was 1:00 in the afternoon.  Dehydrated and tired, the journey still began.  The car was loaded and the journey to the coast was underway to attend the Oregon Kite Festival in Lincoln City.

The drive was uneventful – not much traffic and the trip short.  We stopped for a sandwich in Baker City and snacks along the way reaching the timeshare at 9:30 pm.  Check in only took a few minutes and went to the hot tub immediately before it closed.  The soreness from the exercise of the last 24 hours were manifested in my body by then, so it seemed like a good idea. It felt great.  It was a lovely hot tub, just after sunset, with pleasant cool temperatures.  It had been a beautiful day in Lincoln City with no wind — there had been no kite festival that day.  They were hopeful the next morning would bring wind.

After the hot tub we ate a relatively light dinner then turned in for the night.  I didn’t feel well at that point and assumed it was just the dehydration and fatigue, but it ended up more like the stomach flu.  I was sick in the night and slept the entire next day.  I could not stay awake for more than an hour or two at a time and was back in bed.  Van went out for soup and I felt somewhat better towards the end of the day although never confident in eating a meal. The Kite Festival was a bust…I never got there.  The winds were extreme that day though so I am not sure how many kites could handle the strong wind either.  We saw only one or two kites on our beach – a wind sock type and it was whipping around.  There were waves in the pool and it was COLD!  So much for the Kite Festival 2017.  I didn’t see any of it:(

The next day we had to move from the Gleneden timeshare where we had the first two nights to Schooner Landing in Newport…just a few miles farther south.  It’s a very cute resort.  We spent a few hours in Lincoln City – had lunch at Mo’s after perusing some glassblowing shops.  All was well, but by the time we got to the timeshare, Van was feeling the same symptoms I had earlier.  Does that mean we are a real couple when we even share our flu?  He felt pretty yucky for the next day or two.

The point of this blog is that sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have to be flexible and willing to take care of whatever you have to with patience and understanding.  No one can prevent every flu, virus, etc…and sometimes the timing is just not great.  Whether we had the same thing, or just similar things, we were both under the weather for a period of time on this short trip to the coast.  Each of us had to individually keep ourselves entertained for the day that the other was unwell.  It’s a bummer but nothing much that one can do about it.

The Oregon Coast is beautiful.  It is Van’s first trip here.  I hope he is well enough to take a walk later today and at least see a bit of the beautiful coast here.  We are in a lovely spot.  The good news is – there is time for  another trip here in the future.  It’s not that far from home and we can return. We got to see some beautiful scenery and some great glassworks.  A longer stay – some art classes  – the ocean – more experiences will await our return to the Oregon Coast.



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