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Now that we have been here for half a week, we are still enjoying our kick back vacation.  I have worked out enough that I am sore and needed a rest day today.  I stay busy working on my computer, laying in the sun, walking or working out…or painting.  I brought some interesting watercolor markers to play with.  They are a bit of a struggle so today I watched how to videos and tried again.  Still not turning out masterpieces though today’s experience was slightly better.  Missing my regular supplies for sure – one drawback of backpacking!

We are in a timeshare with a kitchen so we have been eating in a good deal since we preordered groceries before our arrival.  Lunch has been out on the property about every other day, but dinner in our room watching the sunset is almost irresistible.  We have not had any ventures off the property yet – our big adventure is on Saturday when we are going ziplining amongst other activities.  We have had excellent service except for the pool.  The staff is truly here to serve and seem very appreciative of the tourists.  I think that this resort has helped the economy despite the fact that I’m sure it was met with resistance in its early development.  They employ some 7000 people now – that has to be a good thing.  Most of the people I have interacted with are from Mexico – some farther away but still from Mexico.  They are here to work on their tourism interest, or their special talents.  They seem to enjoy their jobs and they are always smiling.

Earlier this week I was given a tour of the new development that is going on.  Cirque de Soleil has come up with a new concept for an amusement park which is in the process of being constructed.  It is scheduled to open November 2018.  It is very exciting if you are a Cirque fan.  They will have a training school here as well.  While it’s not directly a part of Vidanta, it is a big cooperative effort on the part of the Cirque owners, as well as Vidanta and its investors.  Once this concept is built, it will certainly make availability more difficult for me I’m sure.  I will definitely need to plan in advance.  Check it out and see what you think! (Vidanta.com)

Our very favorite activity of the day is watching the sunsets from our balcony.  They are different every evening!  We love them.  Here’s just a couple of shots from different days.

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