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Zoo Day

A living desert…what does that mean?  What is this place all about?

Our day started with a trip to the Living Desert Zoo where there were a variety of habitat created for many different animals.  We explored Africa, North America, and various other parts of the world.  Most of the animals were adaptable to the desert climate here in Palm Desert.  They were in spaces that allowed them to feel like they were at home.  We enjoyed seeing the giraffes, the leopards, the camels and more.  We even took a ride on a camel!  If it’s on your bucket list, it’s a good way to have the experience without leaving the country!  It was a great adventure to learn about all the trees, plants, cacti, and animals that are native to the areas that can be simulated here in Palm Desert.

One of the most beautiful creatures that we were able to see was the Golden Eagle.  Wow!  What a bird.  We enjoyed the butterflies and could have spent the entire day in there.  We were graced with a couple of hummingbirds in the park – always a special experience (and they were not part of the zoo I’m sure).  The learning opportunities for the kids was amazing – and even those of us that have been to zoos – this one is a little unique in its approach and definitely worth a visit.

Beautiful Golden Eagle

Lunch was Mexican – margaritas and enchiladas…can’t beat that.

Then back to the Time share for some catch up time for some of our party.  Tonight was a light dinner and then a martini class.  We learned so much about the history of gin, vodka and martinis.  It really was an interesting journey.  And the drinks were for me the best I’ve had.  We each got to go behind the bar and make one drink of our choice with Joe, the teacher and bar tender extraordinaire.  He was really amazing and we all had a great time.  I made a Chocolate Dessert Martini…yum!  One of the best and most memorable experiences yet.

There is just no way to express how much all of the experiences mean to me.  Life is so short sometimes that these moments are priceless.  The annual girls trip has become a tradition of making memories for each of us who comes.  We are always looking for the interesting and unusual experiences that are off the beaten path a little.  Palm Springs seems to have a good offering of these types of things.  We are all learning new things and making memories that we will never forget.  We have fun, act a little silly at times, and just really enjoy the experience!  Don’t neglect those you love and create those memories that last!    Palm Springs is definitely worth the visit!



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